The Wines of Northern Italy

Attorney Jerry Farrell, Jr. traveled to northern Italy recently to assist clients seeking to import their wine to the United States.
Of particular importance to American wine drinkers are wines from the Piemonte region of Italy, where Farrell spent two weeks in meetings and visits with winemakers and other important contacts.  Wines from Piemonte include Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco, and Moscato, among many others.
The City of Asti lies at the center of the Piemonte wine trade.  Farrell attended several events in Asti, including the Douja d'Or and the Palio of Asti.  Farrell also met with the Honorable Maurizio Rasero, the newly-elected Mayor of Asti, on the day of the Palio (picture attached).  Rasero is working hard to improve the business climate in Asti and welcomed business ties between Piemonte and Connecticut.

Kindred Spirits & Wine

Attorney Jerry Farrell, Jr. worked with Shelton business owners, Myron Moore and John Hillgen, to prepare their application for a new liquor license for Kindred Spirits & Wine at 405a Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton.

Two Guys & a Lotta Wine

Watch Jerry discuss Bargain Wines of Portugal with Bobby Prestash and Jim Kimbrough.

Bobby and Jim are two wine enthusiasts who each month sample four wines, usually under $25, and offer a light and understandable commentary on the wines and wine culture - often with local chefs, political figures, people in the wine business and also just ordinary people who enjoy wine.

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