When Liquor Control agents inspect your premises, what will they find?

Will you be subject to fines, closures, or other adverse actions that a site visit from CT Liquor Law Compliance Associates might have found and solved?

As a responsible liquor establishment, we know that you do your best to comply with relevant laws and regulations, however, we also know that despite best intentions, it may not always be easy to do on a day-to-day basis. Our experienced team can provide you with that second set of eyes and proactively identify liquor law issues that could be considered problematic and provide you with a personalized action plan to correct any outstanding issues.

CT Liquor Law compliance Associates can visit your restaurant or package store to find potential violations of Connecticut's liquor laws before state agents arrive and legal repercussions result.

Our associates are former Liquor Control Personnel who know both the law and the inspection techniques and will bring to your attention items you can correct - before the state arrives.

Since 1993


Jerry Farrell, Jr. Attorney
Former Chairman, Connecticut Liquor Control Commission